At BDH ADVISORY, we support you in all aspects regarding taxes and compliance. With extensive knowledge and experience of international and local taxation practices, we bring our clients offer of our best compliant solution and most effective strategies.


  • You want to optimize your tax position.
  • You don’t know how to be compliant with current tax regulations.
  • You want to meet the deadlines for your fillings with local tax authority.
  • You need a confirmation on your organization’s tax position, on which the current regulations are ambiguous.
  • You need comprehensive review and opinions of the consultants on your organization’s position in term of taxes and compliance.
  • You lack experiences in dealing with local tax officers.

Our offer: "International and Local taxation"

Our range of service in this area includes:

  • VAT: tax rate, declaration, refund, appeal.
  • CIT: tax rate, declaration, tax holiday, refund, appeal.
  • PIT: tax rate, declaration, refund, appeal.
  • Foreign contractor tax: tax rate, declaration.
  • Tax treaty: applicable case, required dossier.
  • Examine the level of tax compliance .
  • Review tax returns, documents.
  • Comment the impact on taxation regarding accounting treatments.
  • Summarizing tax risks and solution to mitigate the risk.
  • Preparing the necessary documents following the requirement from tax office.
  • Assigning the competent person in charge.
  • Dealing with tax officer to explain the tax issues on behalf of the company.
  • Attending the meeting with taxmans to discuss and finalize the issues.
  • Receiving the minute & decision of tax investigation.
  • Advise the relevant regulation on VAT refund and the likelihood to get refunded.
  • Check the validity of input & output invoices.
  • Examine the appropriateness of VAT refund dossier.
  • Preparing VAT refund documents.
  • Consult the tax filing to maximize benefit.
  • Supporting to submit the document to tax office.
  • Follow up the situation and report regularly.
  • Dealing with tax officer to explain the reasonableness of VAT refund documents on behalf of the company.
  • Receiving the decision of VAT refund.
  • Consulting on transfer pricing rules.
  • Advising to prepare related parties transaction declaration-form 01 .
  • Analyzing & studying Benchmark.
  • Advising to prepare local file-form 02.

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