We support you in compiling your accounts in the most cost effective and time efficient way ensuring you meet your year-end deadlines. We help with bookkeeping, setting up your accounts and revising them for year-end. Additionally, we will make recommendations to help you improve your accounting processes with a real impact on your business.


  • You lack the time to keep up with constant legislation change?.
  • The Vietnamese regulations seems opaque to you?.
  • You have very tight group reporting deadlines?.
  • You just need a Chief Accountant supervising your accountant in order to meet local and group requirements.
  • You don’t want to invest in a complex accounting system while still expect a high quality report and fast closing.
  • You want to make sure that due date are kept, in terms of CIT declaration and VAT.
  • You are looking for a professional interlocutor understanding thoroughly you and your business.
  • You prefer to focus on your core business.
  • Confidentialityis very important for you.

Our offer-"Accounting and Business process outsourcing"

Our range of service in this area includes:

  • Input transaction and bookkeeping.
  • Tax compliance for VAT, CIT, PIT (Monthly/ quarterly/ Yearly).
  • Prepare monthly/ quarterly/ year-end financial statements.
  • Print and store accounting books.
  • Prepare and submit statistical reports.
  • Conduct other procedures with insurance authority.
  • Registration of personal tax code, dependents.
  • Prepare payroll, pay-slip, PIT calculation.
  • Prepare reports on labour using status.
  • Register as Chief Accountant.
  • Liaise with the tax authorities.
  • Liaise with auditor.
  • Checking and reviewing the whole situation of accounting system of the enterprise.
  • Guiding the customers to prepare necessary information and documents.
  • Collecting information of the enterprise, such as: invoices, documents, tax reports.
  • Examining the accounting documents.
  • Prepare a review report covering findings, risks, and appropriate recommendations.
  • Support company on adjusting and limit the deficiencies.
  • Consulting on choosing accounting software.
  • Consulting on the account system for internal management and consolidated report with the parent company (if required).
  • Building processes of revenue and expenditure, purchase, sale, inventory, advance of employees and document storage and flow.
  • Training additional skills and knowledge necessary for employees of customers, supporting professional advice when necessary.
  • Initial tax registration.
  • Work permit, temporary residence card.
  • Banking payment (E-banking).
  • Issue invoice as required.
  • Check employee reimbursement records.
  • Company stamp keeper.

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